Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited will provide short-term direct care to injured and displaced native wildlife in an equipped medical clinic. All animals received will be assessed, treated and rehabilitated (if required by a veterinarian), and, where practicable, relocated to their natural habitat. An integral component of this process will involve educating the public on first aid procedures for wildlife, and the significance of releasing wildlife to its former habitat. The breeding and conservation of native and exotic, endangered species will also play a vital role in the rehabilitation process.

Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited will furthermore facilitate requests for assistance from the public, due to increasing demand, to provide treatment and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife.

Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited's Objectives

Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited has been established to pursue charitable purposes only, being the advancement of education, training and employment in the fields of animal welfare with the objects of:-

  • protecting, caring for, preserving and studying animals to improve the community's moral feelings towards them;
  • developing, facilitating and advocating rehabilitation of native wildlife;
  • delivering the best possible care to animals by providing excellence in dietary requirements, exhibit construction and husbandry skills;
  • providing a sanctuary for displaced, endangered, exotic species due to the neglect and degradation of natural habitat;
  • establishing and maintaining genetically viable and controlled regional and global breeding programs;
  • making available information about the care, protection and treatment of animals; and
  • applying the income and property of the company solely to promote those purposes.

Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited (ACN 149 682 299)
his A.C.N number can be inserted next to reference of 'Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited'.

All donations over $2 are 100% tax deductible.

To make a donation, payment can be made via direct deposit, the details of which are as follows:-

  • Account Name:- Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited
  • Account Number: BSB: 06 – 2650 1026-1689
  • Payment can also be made by cheque to 'Mogo Zoo Foundation Limited', C/- 222 Tomakin Road, Mogo, NSW, 2536.

All donation or Foundation enquiries can be directed to;
Corinne Wells, Mogo Zoo, phone (02) 4474-4930, or alternatively,